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 Welcome to the Black Wolves Alliance

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Welcome to the Black Wolves Alliance Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to the Black Wolves Alliance   Welcome to the Black Wolves Alliance EmptySat Sep 19, 2009 8:24 am

I would like to welcome you to the Black Wolves Alliance. we are an alliance of dedicated players united by a 2 common goals. Friendship and Fun. We are an alliance that prides itself on its bond amongst players. As with most alliances players come and go based on real life situations, issues that arise or players that just plain get bored with the game. All of this is completely understandable. If you wish to be part of the black wolves you need to understand and agree (to yourself)
1. We want active players
2. you must be committed to the team effort
3. if you lose your fleet due to improper planning we don't want to here you crying about it.

we use the Escape flight rule, if you are away from your computer for 20 minutes or the game in general, EF your fleet and resources!!!!

if you are attacked (this happens in this game!!) let the alliance know. minimum information is
who did it
where did the hit come from
and most importantly What was the fleet size and ship composition that hit you.

these factors will better serve the leadership in deciding whether or not we can hit back. Common sense will tell us that if you are hit by a player that has 250K points and we only have a 125K point player around, we will not be able to hit him back for you

I am hoping that your experience with the Black Wolves will be both rewarding and fun

Blackwolves Pack Leader
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Welcome to the Black Wolves Alliance
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