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 Clearing the Air

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PostSubject: Clearing the Air   Clearing the Air EmptyMon Oct 26, 2009 3:46 pm


I post this in hopes that you wil read and understand the Decisions made over the course of the last few weeks

for those members who are new to the alliance (last 6-8 weeks or so you don't not know the history of how we got to where we are today. In short, we were Part of an organization that sought to control our every move (the War Lords). As i took the Helm i felt that we are a strong enough Alliance to stand on our own and work our way to becoming a force to be reckoned with in the Universe. I still hold on to that as to be true and we are well on our way to achieving that goal. we fought and Won or fisrt war AS A TEAM.

Now it seems that internal bickering about the decisions I make are on the verge of tearing us apart. I understand we are all human and we all have our opinions on things said decisions made and about the courses of action we take. Human nature is what it is. has been since mankind first walk this planet and will be until the day the earth exists no more.
But, decisions are made for reasons you may not see the big picture all the time or know all the ins and outs of a particular case.
I have been and am now being accused of favoritism. I cannot influence what each of you individually believe to be true. All i can do is let you know in writing that is simply not the case. some on you are probly shaking your heads right about now and that is to be expected. Cant make eveyrone happy all the time.

this is why I decided to install members in key positions to assist me in running the alliance. 140+ members running a forum approving applications and listening to gripes responding to messages that could have been asked onthe forum and various other duties that i have to incur ON A DAILY BASIS is so time consuming that I dont get to enjoy the game any more

With that said, those who strongly disagree with decisions made by myself are encouraged to ask them selves "Do i really need to be here or want to participate in this" before you answer that put yourself in my shoes (or at my keyboard and think about all that has to happen up here at the top just to make it through a normal day

little snide remarks i receive or in game messages that appear to be demanding of something will no longer be tolerated

if you feel you need to go that route just resign you might be happier else where then again you might not. thats a chance you will have to take. Personally (and this is from the heart) i would like to see each and everyone of you remain with the B-W as part of this growing alliance but that choice is ultimately yours not mine. the game was meant to be fun. Other alliances make this game as part of their real lives I will not do that.

from this point forward everything that has happened in the past is just that IN THE PAST. I have resigned myself to that opinion I would hope that anyone holding any kind of ill feelings about the so called favoritism would too.

opinions and reply posts are welcome

this is everyones change to let everyone else know how they feel. I let you all know how i feel it is up to you all to do the rest supportive, un-supportive, or otherwise

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Clearing the Air
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